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Samuele Catusian @ ISF

Homepage ISF di Samuele Catusian

Samuele Catusian is a volunteer of ISF Pisa, of which he is a co-founding member (since autumn 2003).
Among the various activities in ISF Pisa, he coordinated the BoulSat Project participating in all of its phases (2005-2007), some of the ICT group activities, and partecipated to the Anagrafe Project.
From december 2006 to january 2009 he has been the president of the Association. Presently, despite himself, he is the treasurer.

He worked in some projects with other Italian ISF sections, like Padova for the Butembo Project and Florence for the Kinshasa Project.
Furthermore, he is an old-timer of the National ICT Group, and of the ISF Italia National Coordination Group.


His main technical interests in ISF are about the ICTs in developing scenarios, digital divide, "poor" and appropriate technologies, free/libre software, trashware, telecomunication infrastructures, wireless and wired networks, technology transfer.

Documents and slides

Unfortunately the documents used in past public talks are currently lost due to a server/site fault. They'll be restored ASAP. Meanwhile, you can ask me and maybe I'll manage to send you something.

Main homepage:
E-mail: samuele AT
IRC: samael @ freenode IRC network


L'ospite ha l'onore di incignare il pane. Soprattutto se assomiglia a Gesù. (Asmara, Eritrea, 2011)